SUCCESS! Slovakian Franchisee Enjoys the Best of Both Worlds

Ingrid Buják hails from the bilingual (Slovak and Hungarian) town of Galanta, Slovakia. She loves her career with Helen Doron and found the unique methodology online, which perfectly suited what she was searching for.  Starting off as a teacher and becoming a Learning Centre Franchisee in 2011, she finds the balance to be the best of both worlds. “Teaching nourishes my creativity and I love to see how children learn joyfully. On the other hand, I can apply my managerial qualification to run my school and to lead and motivate my teachers.”

She enthused about the methodology and how effective and comprehensive Helen Doron is. “Students who started at the age of 4-5 now speak fluently, with Cambridge certificates proving their knowledge. We have prepared our students for Cambridge exams for 6 years and their results are always outstanding. I love that the methodology is playful, children pick up the language easily and enjoy the whole learning process. Classes are full of fun and positive reinforcement and we teach children not only a foreign language but important values for life.”

Her message for parents considering enrolling their children at Helen Doron: “We live in a multilingual world, the more languages you speak, the better for your children. Give them a chance to learn a new language in an easy, natural way without even realizing they are learning, as they are having so much fun.”