Success! Seville Teacher Loves Teaching English

Energetic Anika from Seville, Spain has been loved by her students for 7 years. She shared a bit of her Helen Doron English journey: “My family speaks only Spanish, and the tiniest bit of French. They’ve encouraged me since I was little to excel at something, and I tried karate, swimming, art… everything! But I wasn’t good at any of those. Turns out, my mother discovered me singing “The Beatles” when I was four, so English it was! And I’ve kept learning since.”

Immediately after earning her degree in English, Anika was grateful that no one at the Los Remedios, Seville Learning Centre thought twice about hiring a pink-haired (now blue) 21-year-old recent college graduate, giving her an opportunity to express herself professionally.

She reflects on how the Helen Doron methodology differs from other English courses. “I’ve seen children loathing English, looking at it as a subject to be memorized and used only in exams, with no real use or functionality. Our pupils love to come here. We provide them with experiences based on their personalities and interests; we have the chance to make them love English. I create games they will enjoy, since preparing the classes is such a great part of the methodology. All teachers prepare materials together, creating a synergy that doesn’t happen anywhere else.”

Her message to parents thinking about enrolling their children in Helen Doron classes?  “Do it! English is an unavoidable tool in the future of your children, and the earlier they start the better. They will learn not only the language, but its functionality, its culture, and they will learn with a smile.”


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