The View from Two Boys at Helen Doron English, Bangkok

Pre-teens Son Son, 8 and Karn, 10 are shining examples of how well the Helen Doron methodology works. The 2 boys were recently interviewed in the beautiful Bangkok Central Rama 9 Learning Centre by Helen Doron Social Media Manager, Marilyn Glazier, who was pleasantly surprised to find both young men very fluent and completely comfortable conversing in English.

Although neither of the boys come from homes where the language is spoken, both of them have studied at Helen Doron for years and love speaking English. Son Son explained in an accent that sounded rather American, “I only watch YouTube in English and everything I do online is in English. When we go abroad on holidays, I can speak to everyone in English, so I can make lots of new friends that speak English.”

Karn continued enthusiastically, “My English is so good as I watch cartoons in English. I also play video games and read books in my free time. It is important to learn English so I can talk to English people in Thailand, and we can go to other countries where people speak English and talk to them.”

Their favourite foods seem to be typical of boys everywhere: Karn loves pizza with lots of cheese and Son Son’s special choice is ice cream, “especially pink ice cream with lots and lots of sprinkles!”

When asked what they would like to tell other kids studying Helen Doron English about living in Thailand, both of them had some good ideas to share. “You must travel here and see our country!” Karn insisted. “The weather is great and there are nice views in Bangkok. The mountains and waterfalls in Thailand are great!”

Son Son agreed about the weather and the views and added, “There are a lot of people living in Bangkok, but not too many. People are friendly. There are temples and the big sea. I like swimming in the sea and rivers, but for me, swimming pools are too small.”

Both did very well on the Cambridge Young Learners English exams, with excellent scores in Reading and Writing and Listening, as well as perfect scores in Speaking.

Both boys plan on continuing their Helen Doron classes and moving on to Teen English, so their English can continue improving at an impressive rate—providing them with communication tools for life. Keep up the good work Karn and Son Son!