SUCCESS! Method Brings out the Best in Students and Teachers

Croatian Learning Studio Franchisee and Helen Doron English teacher Milena Romac absolutely loves her career choice and finds it meaningful and fulfilling, as she enthusiastically related, “I really like working with children and I just love the fact this job brings out the best in me both as a teacher and as a person.”

Milena remembers her attraction to the English language from a very early age, and that she managed to absorb quite a bit from television, magazines, books and the internet even before learning in school. “I learned English through music, cartoons, video games and TV shows in a natural and fun way. That is why I immediately knew that Helen Doron is a perfect method of teaching English and an ideal working environment for me.“

Although she has a Master’s degree in English and Croatian, she said her mother spotted an ad for a job opening in the Helen Doron School in Split and immediately called her and said “Honey I think I just found your dream job!”

Four exciting years later she tells us, “I’ve taught children from eight months to 13 years – from Baby’s Best Start to Teen Talent. Teaching English with the Helen Doron method allows children to gradually acquire different aspects of language, build on their existing knowledge and fuel their natural desire for interaction. In my opinion, that is the key for successful acquisition. The children want to interact with their environment. We are there to give them the tools while making them feel safe and loved.”

Milena finds Helen Doron to be unique in comparison with other English classes. “It has high-quality learning materials and an impressive methodology based on current scientific facts. Highly motivated, professional teachers hold the classes in a friendly, bright and colorful environment. The children are exposed to English language, while participating in fun activities and are taught English in a natural way.

Helen Doron also employs modern technology in teaching. For example, augmented reality which brings life to the friendly characters and renders the child’s Helen Doron experience magical.

Furthermore, Helen Doron English classes are held in small groups up to eight students. This is also a great benefit since the children are allowed to socialize and practice their speaking skills with their peers, and at the same time the teacher is able to give his or her full attention to each child independently. My experience with Helen Doron is a wonderful journey and I am here to stay!”

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