SUCCESS! Learning, Living and Loving Helen Doron English in Turkey

Proud mother of five-year-old Derin was thrilled to be contacted about her experiences and was full of good things to say about her daughter’s progress in English, as Derin has been a Helen Doron English student in Bursa, Turkey most of her young life!

Hilal is a logistic’s operations specialist who finds she needs English frequently, and knows how important it is for Derin to be fluent. “ I enrolled Derin at Helen Doron when she was only 10 months old. Many of my friends didn’t think it was possible, but I knew about the successful methodology and I was very impressed as the kids are not only learning English, they are living and loving English!”

Hilal loves the centre’s teachers and administrators and they have provided a library for all ages so even the parents have the opportunity to improve their English. She is very happy with her daughter’s progress and says her young daughter’s English is better than friends’ children who are much older and have been learning for years in school. “Derin can watch cartoons in English and completely understand, and has even started creating her own stories in English to tell me. Helen Doron English is a lot of fun and very interactive, so the kids go happily as they have such a good time. It is very different from competitors as there is no pressure, just learning through games and music.”

The Turkish mom is also impressed with the apps provided by Helen Doron. “We love Jump with Joey in Kangi Club, and we listen together to Helen Doron Radio.”

She is enthusiastic about taking advantage of the opportunity to learn English using the unique methodology.” When people I know see how happy Derin is and hear her speak English, they sign their own children up too! I have already brought 10-12 children to the centre and I always recommend it to whomever I know.”

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