SUCCESS! Learning English is Fun and Effective at Helen Doron

Constanta, Romania is the home of career engineers Anca and Ciprian Dumitru, who are the proud parents of two Helen Doron English students: Andrei 8, and Stefania, 6.

Anca explains that although the family speaks only Romanian in general at home, “we try to practice our English over the weekends with the children.” She also said she wished she had learned English from an early age, rather than as an adult when it became essential to her professional growth. “I did not learn English at school, but there was a turning point in my career when it became necessary to speak English. Then I took some classes, but it was much more difficult than if I had learned the language much earlier and in a pleasant manner, the way my children are learning at Helen Doron.”

Both Andrei and Stefania have been studying at Helen Doron for a year and a half and will continue when classes resume after the summer vacation. The entire family is pleased with the methodology and the atmosphere of the learning centre. “We are very pleased with the classes. When my children started, they knew almost no English and now not only do they understand, but they can build sentences and have a very rich vocabulary. Class is a lot of fun for the children, as it is a pleasant and stimulating environment for learning. They communicate well in English and their pronunciation is much better than their friends not in Helen Doron.”

The family finds some of the Helen Doron apps useful to supplement their learning at home in an entertaining way. “We especially like the Magic Wand and books as they are very funny and a lot of fun. Andrei recently discovered Helen Doron Radio and I predict over the next year or two he will be more attracted to listen for longer periods of time with headphones.”

Anca enthusiastically concluded, “I have met some wonderful people at the Helen Doron Learning Centre and will continue sending my children there. I recommend Helen Doron to all my friends as it was the best choice for my children. We especially want to thank the teachers for the wonderful work they do with our children. ”

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