Success! Helen Doron English is a Winning Choice for Teachers and Students

Creative Croatian Helen Doron English teacher, Tea Tuda, hails from Zagreb where she lives with her younger sister. After studying English language and literature in university, Tea heard about Helen Doron and decided to do the coursework to become a Helen Doron English teacher.

Tea relates some of her experiences: “As soon as I started teaching in a Helen Doron school, I realized that this was the job for me. This job is energetic, creative and very rewarding. I love working with children because there is never a dull moment with them. Every group is specific and unique, so every class is different and interesting in its own way. Working with young children can, at times, be exhausting, but when I see how much they have learned and how much they like it here, it’s all worth it!

What I love about the Helen Doron method is that it is so different from English taught in most kindergartens and primary schools. The groups are much smaller, so children have more opportunities to speak and participate in all the activities. Children learn the language through pictures, games, songs and movement which enables them to learn faster and better, and the best part is that they are often not even aware that they are learning a new language.”

Tea has a message for parents considering enrolling their children in Helen Doron English. “Every parent who is considering enrolling their child in an English course should come to our demo lesson and see what our lessons look like, and why so many children and parents return to our school year after year. Children love coming to our classes, because they have a lot of fun, they play with other children and learn a language in a stress-free environment. That is mainly because Helen Doron lessons are held in small groups, where the teacher can individually work with each child, where she knows her students very well, and knows what they like and do not like to do, so she can adjust the lesson to suit the group’s needs.”

Additionally, she would like to tell potential teachers “if you want to teach English and you like working with children, a Helen Doron school is the best place for you. You will have the opportunity to work in a friendly and creative environment, with students who look forward to their every lesson and enjoy spending time with their teacher.”

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