Success! Children Love English and Learn Effortlessly

Eva Serén e Isabel, thrilled parent of Helen Doron English students 9- year- old Brais and 3 year- old Borja, is a successful Learning Centre Franchisee from Galicia, Spain. She told us about her experiences with Helen Doron: “At home we speak Spanish, Galician and English. When our children were babies we were interested in going to English classes with them and we could not find a place with this service. That’s when we started to investigate and discovered Helen Doron. Four years later, our greatest satisfaction is to see how our children and all of the students learn with no effort whatsoever!!!”

How are the lessons different from other English classes?

“It is a totally different method. To begin with, the classes are very dynamic and very well-prepared, which means that children do not lose interest at any time. In addition to learning in small groups, children participate individually in all activities, encouraging them to speak English from a very young age. For parents who are thinking about enrolling their children, do not think about it. It is a method that works!”

Eva’s best Helen Doron experience?

“The best experience is the one I can see on my children. They love English. My eldest, who is 9 years old, can now hold a conversation with never having the need to study to achieve this. Helen Doron works!”