SUCCESS! Bulgarian Helen Doron Teacher Adores her Chosen Career

“My name is Ani Varbanova and I’m from Bulgaria. I have two daughters, one is 9 and the other one is 1 year old. Both my spouse and I speak Bulgarian, English and Russian (I also speak a little bit of Italian). We speak both Bulgarian and English at home with the kids.

In 2011 I became fed up with sitting in an office, working for men in suits. So, I started looking for something challenging, something that will meet my passion —English language! One afternoon, as I was browsing the Internet, I saw an advertisement about becoming a Helen Doron English teacher. ‘This is it!’ I thought, ‘I love kids and I love the English language, this is what I want to do!’

So in 2012 I passed the Helen Doron English Teacher Training Course and became a Helen Doron English teacher. Since then, I have been teaching children from very young babies up to 8-9 year olds.  I still feel great and am satisfied I made my choice to join the Helen Doron family.

Teaching using the Helen Doron methodology is a whole new journey every time I start my classes. We teach in small groups, up to 6-8 children, depending on the age of the students. We do not use just pictures (flashcards) or posters, singing songs and just giving explanations, as they do in many other English courses. No! And this is what I say to the parents who are thinking about sending their children to us: with us, students easily learn and absorb English language because we dive into our lessons with the entire equipment- flashcards, 2D/3D props we’ve created, different games and activities, doing many actions, acting out different roles, playing with plenty of real objects children can touch, feel, smell, taste, hear…along with R&B -many songs, chants, rhymes etc. because music is a great and important part of our life.

And what I would like to tell people who are considering becoming a Helen Doron English teacher:  if you love kids and you are ready to have a lot of fun including singing, playing and dancing a lot with them; to devote yourself and your time inventing and creating things… if you are ready to give your best, becoming a Helen Doron English teacher will give you the best, as the process is two way: you get back what you give!

I would like to thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Helen Doron Group! As a teacher I really do appreciate the outstanding work you’ve been doing throughout all these years: marketing, developing, improving, creating, making all of your courses easy-to-use, friendly, interactive and up-to-date!”