Meet Masa from Helen Doron Teen English in Serbia

helen doron teen englishTatjana Petkovic, the Serbian National Franchisor, is proud of their unique new marketing tool: a one-page magazine highlighting the achievements of their teens who have something interesting to share about themselves— in English!

The second article is written by Masa, a 10-year-old Teen English student who shares some details of her busy life. It is interesting to read about her favourite activities and which celebrities she admires, especially since her life could be that of a teen anywhere!

My name is Masa Popeskovic and I am 10 years old. In this text I’m going to write about my week, but first here’s something about me. I like singing, acting & reading. My favorite books are “The Hunchback of Notre Dame’’ & “Alice in Wonderland’’.  My favorite singers are: Demi Lovato,  Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift.  I like Selena as an actress, too!

My Day

Every day is different for me. One day it’s acting, another one is tennis….So, today it`s Monday. At my school I always have classes in the morning, which means that they start at 08:00 AM. My favorite class is P.E. On the break we do all sorts of things: talk, eat, listen to music & some of us even do homework! When the classes end I go to my home or to my grandparents. Then I do my homework and watch TV, I like watching “Disney Channel’’ because it’s in English. My favorite show is “Wizards of Waverly Place”. At 6:00 PM I’m off to tennis class; I am always very tired after practice. Then my dad comes to pick me up and I go home, I do my “night routine’’ and sleep.

My Week

When my friend asks me if I can go to her  house, my answer would be …”Um, maybe tomorrow, no I’ve got tennis ,oh, Tuesday, no, no, no, I have English, sorry I’m busy, what about Sunday?’’ and then she would say “Sorry, I’m busy on Sunday.’’ I don’t have a lot of free time but when I do, I like to read magazines, books & listen to music. I especially like it when a brand new magazine issue comes out. That is the first moment of me knowing the latest stuff about my favorite celebrities and I get posters of celebrities! I like listening to Pop, Country (only Taylor Swift) & Demi Lovato’s new Techno style. My favorite song is “Heart Attack’’ by Demi L.


During the week all that I have in my head is:  I want more weekend days!!! I love them because I can sleep late and finally play with my dog Kiki, take her to walk, make some pancakes with my mom and play some video games with my dad. I go outside with my friends; we play volleyball or ride bikes. But somehow the weekends always end so fast, and then – back to the same routine again.

My days are filled with activities, but I love it!