Helen Doron Radio Promotes “Hello My World!”


Helen Doron Radio Visits Italy, San Marino and Portugal promoting the “Hello My World!” initiative to save orangutans and their rainforest habitats. Richard Freedman, broadcast personality, will travel throughout Italy, San Marino and Portugal, visiting Helen Doron Learning Centres to broadcast with teen listeners about the “Hello My World!” initiative on the popular international radio station.

Helen Doron English Learning Centres in Italy, San Marino and Portugal will host live broadcast shows, interview teens in English and discuss what they are doing to contribute to the “Hello My World!” campaign, a global initiative which focuses on rescuing the orangutan, one of the most intelligent creatures in the animal world. Students of all ages are invited to support the protection, conservation and understanding about orangutans and their natural habitat, the rainforest. English is essential to the campaign. Founder and CEO Helen Doron explains, “By encouraging children to learn English we provide them with a tool which allows them to communicate with each other and establish new relationships. This shared language is of tremendous value as it unifies our voice and together, we can spread awareness to the plight of the orangutan.

The radio tour begins on May 14th in Rome, Italy and concludes in Lisbon, Portugal on May 31st where both countries are celebrating 10 years of Helen Doron English and are actively involved with “Hello My World!” Helen Doron Portugal adopted an orangutan named Mary sheltered in the Lisbon Zoo, and on Sunday, May 31st, 4000 Helen Doron students from throughout Portugal will be meeting at the zoo for a festive happening and tour. Richard Freedman will be there to record the event to be broadcast on Helen Doron Radio at a later date.
Richard will be broadcasting with teens in their Helen Doron Learning Centres are as follows: May 15th – Florence, Italy; May 16th –Arezzo, Italy; May 18th – Naples, Italy; nMay 19th – Barletta, Italy; May 20th- San Marino; May 21st- Modena, Italy; May 22nd – Bergamo, Italy; May 28th-30th – Lisbon, Portugal.
Freedman commented, “I am excited to be able to meet so many of the students working hard to promote the “Hello My World!” campaign to save the orangutans from extinction. This will be the third Helen Doron Radio roadshow and we will continue planning more throughout the world, as these tours give us an opportunity to meet many of our teen listeners and give them a voice on the radio.” He continues, “Our teens are making their families and friends aware of the plight of these animals and raising awareness throughout the world and I am proud to say that the radio is an important tool being used to spread the word about such an important cause.”
In addition to discussions about causes this age group is passionate about: great music, feature stories, quizzes, contests, teen-relevant news and special guest interviews on various topics keep teens tuned in to Helen Doron Radio, which reaches listeners from over 100 countries worldwide. Most of them listen to the educational radio station on their smartphones through the app, now available on both Android and iPhone.
Helen Doron English offers the most comprehensive courseware in the industry—programmes that enable children from infants to teens to become proficient and comfortable speaking, reading and writing English. Students of Helen Doron Teen English are prepared for the Common European Framework of Reference exams in a fun and natural learning environment that is unique to Helen Doron.

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