Helen Doron English China Wins Prestigious 5-Star Kid’s English Institution Award

September 3, 2019

Sponsored by Sina Education, the 2019 Sina Chinese Teachers Ceremony and the 9th 5-star Teachers Competition Award Ceremony were held in Beijing. Many well-known local educators, principals, outstanding teachers and educational practitioners participated and shared their wonderful stories, highlighting the strengths of these outstanding teachers and educators.

Three octogenarian educators with a combined age of more than 240 years kicked off the ceremony. Li Jinchu, chairman of Beijing Jianhua Experimental School, encouraged more teachers to innovate educational concepts and provide students with an ongoing education.

According to Liang Ying, Director of Sina Education, the key to the future is education, the key to education is the teacher. Every teacher is a “Teacher of Life”, a pioneer and leader in pursuit of excellence and innovation-driven development.

Various awards were announced at the end of the Chinese Teachers Ceremony. After months of intense competition among more than 1,000 teachers and teams from hundreds of educational institutions across the country, Helen Doron English, by virtue of its distinctive curriculum advantages and excellent teachers, were awarded the title of “5-Star Kid’s English Institution”.

Since 2010, there have been nine Sina 5-Star Teachers Competitions, attracting nearly 10,000 teachers. The competition highlighted the outstanding achievements of the teachers,  celebrating their dedication to education, innovation and professionalism.

This year, Helen Doron English was shortlisted in the competition after several rounds of selection, online voting and evaluation, emphasizing the professional teaching strength and all-round quality of Helen Doron in the field of children’s English education.

What is the key to Helen Doron’s success? 

  1. The Highest Levels of Professionalism

Helen Doron English has always regarded its teachers as an essential part in the development process, ensuring the quality of teaching and research.  The perfect teacher training system and pre-service assessment mechanism require that every teacher must pass the rigorous Helen Doron English teacher training and ongoing seminars. As a result of the outstanding methodology, Helen Doron English teachers take pride in their students’ excellent rating of 95% on the 2019 Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) – Young Learners exams.

  1. Where Children Come First

Helen Doron English is committed to providing the highest quality English education for children, based on their developmental needs, stimulating their interest and creativity in learning English. Each course offers themes and content based on children’s developmental stages. As a result, the students are motivated to learn and reach their highest potential.  Helen Doron teachers not only focus on professional excellence but love children and have a passion for education. They teach with joy, caring for each child’s learning needs.

  1. P.I.G.S Methodology

P.I.G.S, the unique methodology of Helen Doron English, cleverly combines props, games and songs which are key to the teaching method. Teaching props are integrated into all Helen Doron programmes because they increase children’s participation in activities and boost their interest in learning. More than 2,000 teaching aids are used for each level, with 70% of them hand-made by the teachers.

4. Promotes Learning Naturally

In the Helen Doron classroom, there are no desks, chairs or benches, and kids sit on round mats on the floor, learning and sharing together. A warm and cosy setting enables teachers to interact with children comfortably and easily. There are only 6-8 students in each class, ensuring that each one receives personalized attention and greater opportunities to practice English. Research has shown that group learning is more effective than private tutors.

The award affirms the global appeal of Helen Doron English and the success of its unique methodology. China’s children will benefit from the very best education with the highest teaching standards.