Helen Doron Educational Group Launches New Multidisciplinary Preschool Programme

Award-winning global franchise adds enrichment Playgroup and educational Childcare

For parents looking for a quality, multifaceted learning environment for their young children in the mornings, Helen Doron Educational Group recently introduced a new educational programme, including two main options for young children.  Branded as Helen Doron PLUS, both programmes offer a wide variety of enrichment activities taught by highly trained teachers. Featuring classes with personal attention paid to each child, both opportunities were developed by pedagogic experts to stimulate each child’s potential through fun and positive reinforcement.

The Playgroup option, for children ages 1 – 4 years old, includes the parents, and the part-time itinerary combines years of successes from both Helen Doron English and Helen Doron Kindergartens. As a result, all participants experience a professional, rich curriculum incorporating movement, storytelling, music, stories, crafts, fun activities to develop fine motor skills and more—all taught in English.

For children ages 2 – 6 years old, the English-language educational Childcare programme provides preschool children a full schedule, with highlights from a wide assortment of Helen Doron courses including: English, Maths, movement, crafts, music and enjoyable activities to develop fine motor skills.

Helen Doron PLUS will be offered throughout the Helen Doron network in 38 countries, and will take place in already-established learning centres.

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