Helen Doron Educational Group Again Wins Global Franchise Award

The Helen Doron Educational Group is proud to win for the second time consecutively, a prestigious Global Franchise Award, this time in the Mentorship category, following last year’s win in the Best Educational Franchise category. CEO and Founder Helen Doron travelled to the International Franchise Awards in Orlando, Florida to receive the accolade.

The 2020 Global Franchise Award, sponsored by Global Franchise Magazine and chosen by a panel of top franchise professionals, celebrates excellence in franchise mentoring, and Helen Doron is a perfect example of a charismatic leader guiding an entire network of people – teachers, franchisees, employees, parents and students, to fulfil their potential.

Ms. Doron enthuses, “Last year we were recognized internationally as the Best Children’s Educational Franchise and now we are being awarded for our excellence in mentoring not only our wonderful franchisees in 38 countries, but also our network of dedicated teachers, parents and students. We have built a community of professionals who are dedicated to providing children with best education and share common goals and values.  Our franchisees feel that they are part of a global family and treat each other with empathy, support and respect.  Based on my own lifestyle and convictions, everyone in our network is empowered to realize their own potential. Raising children to be holistic, contributing citizens of the world is our passion.”

James Fell from the awards team comments on why Helen Doron was selected.  “The Global Franchise Awards judging panel was extremely impressed with the level of support and guidance the Helen Doron Educational Group offers its franchisees, making the brand a very worthy winner of the Global Mentorship Award 2020. Mentorship is a key component of any great franchise organisation, and the high calibre of help, training and support that the group offers its franchisees is astounding. It’s no wonder that the brand continues to grow at such an impressive rate. Helen Doron is an inspiration to everyone in franchising.”

Helen Doron’s dedicated focus and personal values are present in all aspects of the business, programme content and curricula, promoting human and environmental values which improves the lives of all, through empathy and compassion for all living creatures. Ms. Doron has created a global community that shares these ethics and views, which are spread throughout the network. This is accomplished through knowledge-sharing and personal connections on every level, personally mentored by Helen and her teams.  Millions of children, teens, teachers and franchisees have benefitted from Ms. Doron’s vision and values.

Veteran Master Franchisee Alex Pickel of San Marino explains, “I am thrilled that Helen received this much-deserved award. Helen is much more than the CEO, she is a mentor to all of us and I love being a Helen Doron Master Franchisee. I am my own boss. I didn’t want to work for somebody else, yet I am still part of an international network and part of a team.  What brought me to this business was the opportunity to give something to the community—to promote something intellectual that enhances children’s development. Not only brain development, but also important socialization skills, which learning in small, intimate groups promotes. So, I am very proud of the positive influence we have on children’s lives.”

The company maintains ongoing communication through daily calls, quarterly visits, webinars, annual conferences and localized support for all their needs from each department: business, marketing, finance, pedagogic, IT and more. Helen adds: “Mentoring is the foundation of any successful franchise and we are proud of having many franchisees who have been with us for over 10, 15 and even 20 years, thank you all.”