Success! Helen Doron Student Now Teaching English

Laura Stickler, 17, from Vienna, Austria, is from a new generation of Helen Doron teachers who is following in her teacher/franchisee mother’s footsteps. She recently returned from a year as an AFS exchange student in the U.S.  and has begun training to be a Helen Doron teacher. Her twin sister Sarah is taking advantage of her own English skills to pursue a career in business, and Julia, although she is only 10, feels so comfortable in English that she has progressed successfully through all of the programmes and is soon starting the Teen Talent class.

Proud mom, Sonja, started her career with Helen Doron as a teacher, when searching for classes for her three-year-old twins and advanced from teacher to franchisee, while raising her three daughters in the Helen Doron network.

Laura enthusiastically told us in fluent English that it was such a great experience for her growing up in the Helen Doron family that she “decided to do the teacher training course and become a teacher, as it’s so important to be able to communicate well in English. Learning at a young age is so much easier, and I want to help others to have what I did as a young child…to give back what I got! Learning English with Helen Doron is like a game, you are having so much fun that you don’t even realize you are learning.”

While abroad, Laura found that her level of English surprised the Americans, as it was so much better than other exchange students on her programme. She explains, “In public school English classes in Austria, you don’t learn pronunciation, just grammar rules. You don’t learn how to use the language, so my background in Helen Doron really gave me an advantage that the other students didn’t have. I want to pass this advantage on to others!”