A Banner Year of Growth for the Helen Doron Educational Group

The demand worldwide for English for children has sparked growth for the Helen Doron Educational Group, with 104 new franchisees joining the international network.

Helen Doron English, the company’s flagship franchise, has experienced tremendous growth during 2015. With exceptional franchise growth in Spain and China of 40% and 50%, respectively, the company added a number of new areas including: East Romania; Madrid, Castillas, Canary Islands and Ebro, in Spain; Krasnador Krai and East Siberia, in Russia; Kazakhstan, and in Suzhou, China.

Global demand for high quality English courses for children to supplement existing school English programmes as well as pre-schoolers looking to become bilingual is what has fuelled Helen Doron English’s impressive franchise growth.

“We have seen the greatest student growth in the younger ages, even as early as 1 to 2 years old, but we are also experiencing progress in the teenage group,” reports Helen Doron, linguistic scientist and educator, CEO and founder of Helen Doron Ltd. “We are finding that more and more parents understand the importance of excellent English and the exceptional value they get from the Helen Doron method. Parents want to give their children the gift of English, but without the added stress of additional classroom time. This is exactly where Helen Doron English answers that need. Our programmes are based on a successful methodology which makes learning fun. Children receive loads of positive reinforcement, are motivated to learn and feel good about themselves” she summarizes. More than 125, 000 students attended Helen Doron classes in 2015 and with 104 new franchises, the company anticipates student growth to match or exceed franchise growth by 10% for a record high of 138,000 students in 2016.

In addition to Helen Doron English, the Company saw growth in some of its other educational sectors. Helen Doron Kindergarten added 2 English-enriched kindergartens: Sehit Kamil Gaziantep Kindergarten in Gaziantep area and Ozel Istanbul Hayata Dogru Ilkokulu in Cekmekoy area of Istanbul, Turkey, for a total of 23. Additionally, MathRiders, a Helen Doron Ltd. Maths enrichment programme expanded by 40%. Learning Centres in Katowice, Radom, Gdansk-Poludnie, Lodz-Widzew, Chelm, Poland and a Learning Studio in Pulawy, Poland were launched.

Looking ahead, the company is responding to the booming Asian and Latin American markets. The Helen Doron English institute in Dongtan, South Korea, the Helen Doron All-English kindergarten programme, and Helen Doron dedicated afternoon English programmes in Megamalls around the country are thriving and expanding. “We now teach a specially tailored English course in 30 Homeplus megamall locations around the country and expect substantial growth throughout 2016, reported Benaya Doron, CEO, Helen Doron, South Korea. He continues, “The cooperation with Homeplus has enabled us to extend our reach across South Korea and substantially grow our brand recognition.”

“The wide growth, particularly throughout Spain and increased demand from Spanish speaking countries, has been exceptional and the potential for expansion throughout Latin America is significant” relates Anne Gordon, Vice President Customer Business Development. She continues, “Helen Doron English offers two different franchise opportunities: the Helen Doron English only franchise or the combined Helen Doron Kindergarten and English Learning Centre franchise, depending upon the franchisor’s needs. For the Helen Doron Kindergarten franchisors can choose to offer bilingual, English-enriched or all English kindergarten in the morning and English Learning Centre programmes in the afternoon. With this business model, education programmes span the full day and evening to enable full use of the premises.

Helen Doron founded the Helen Doron Educational Group in 1985, when she set about creating her own teaching materials and music to help children understand and speak English. Doron commented, “Over the past 30 years my team and I have gleaned much about how children learn. We are able to apply this understanding to our unique approach — learning through positive reinforcement, repetition and learning made fun, using a lot of music— which is a basis for all our programmes. Each programme has its own unique principles that bring the Helen Doron methodology to life.”

As we begin 2016, we can already see the ever growing demand. Traffic to our social media, YouTube and websites, demand for online apps and listeners to our all-English TeenBuzzRadio are all reaching record levels of growth. “We anticipate another year of tremendous growth, adds Simon Darr, CMO, Helen Doron Ltd. “ We are interested in expanding all of our programmes into new markets, to further maximize the learning capabilities of babies, young children and teens and producing the best materials to encourage and enable success.”

About the Helen Doron Educational Group
The Helen Doron Educational Group stands at the forefront of innovative educational systems, providing exclusive learning programmes and quality educational materials for babies, children and adolescents the world over since 1985. The company’s flagship franchise, Helen Doron English, along with Helen Doron Kindergarten, MathRiders, Ready Steady Move! franchises today encompass almost 900 learning centres in over 35 countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Today, more than two million children have learnt with the unique Helen Doron methodology.
The Helen Doron Educational Group invites entrepreneurs to join a successful business operation that benefits children around the world. Visit us at www.helendoron.com